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MURAL MONSTARS is a group of painters who focus on large scale murals and instalation's

Arise Rawk


Inspired by the unknown universe, art in the streets, deep roots of the eternal dream stream, dinosaur battles and breakdancing ninja turtles, Arise provides a truly unique view into the art realm.

His wide variety of artistic skills and styles, ranging from clothing design to breakdancing have made him a well recognized name in the northwest art world. Arise has taught workshops and mural painting programs to the Sun program, CampFire, Creative summers summer camp, Rockwood Center, Emerg-N-See festival, Lucidity festival, and also helps run the non-profit Oregon universal.

Reflecting the duality of life, nature and technology, Arise will often paint you into a world where you get to create the story, and its alot of fun.




Dylan Kauz


Dylan Kauz  has been transforming Eugene and Portland's
landscape through the means of murals, clothing designs,
and live art installations at concerts and festivals for  over
20 years.  His source of inspiration is that which is the source of all life, and his paintings reflect and celibrate the interconnected nature of us all.  Dylan's art is almost always created in a public spaces or crowded
events where the air is ripe with thoughts , energy, and the
creative potential that occurs when we interact with
eachother.  His mediums of choice include spraypaint
 acrylics, concrete walls, wood fences , panels,
and canvas.








Born (August 14,1983), Firekat was born & raised in LongBeach,
California and moved to Oregon in 2005 to pursue his dream
painting as a Muralist/Live Artist/Youth Art's Teacher.
He has spent the last 10 years gaining extensive experience
working with live­ artists, painting live ­art installations, body
painting for music festivals and creating murals for youth centers as well as indoor homes and local businesses.

Music  art festivals, 3D art, urban street graffiti and Hip Hop culture were his influences, creating a new hybrid of inspiration in the visual arts.
His main goals as an innovative creationist are to open minds and unlock the imaginations of those around him by creating beauty whenever and wherever possible.







Matt Schlosky


Matt Schlosky is a Portland based artist, muralist and designer. His paintings reflect the world that dwells within his subconscious. His work is inspired by myth, ancient cultures, tribal art, nature, comic books, Art Nouveau, graffiti, life, love, fun. 

In his career he has worked for clients such as Proctor and Gamble, Beni Hani, Jack Daniels, The City of Portland, The Columbus Zoo, Revol Cell phones, Jameson, Radio Popper and more. 

His art work is derived from a stream of conscious drawing from his vast imagination.  He finds the painting process similar to a page turning book. He can’t wait to see what crawls out of his head and on to the canvas next. Matt loves what he does and he hopes you do to. Much love to you fine people.







Capsel Rock


Capsel Rock started painting murals in 1999 with a graffiti urban visionary style. He has continued painting murals and working on live art and collaborative installations for festivals and events to present day.

He focuses his art on small to large scale paintings and murals. Capsel paints in a variety of styles including  Alaskan native art ,many different tribal patterns, sacred geometry, and a blend of realism.

He is also known for his hand painted hats up and down the west blessed coast.

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